Emily Hennelly, ACE-CPT

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Emily Hennelly is a personal trainer, professional photographer, and a freelance content creator originally from Chicago, IL. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in photography with a minor in fashion marketing from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. She does a lot of wedding and fashion photography along with personal training.

Emily started working in fitness while she was still in college, and fitness is something she has grown to love more and more every day. She obtained an ACE Personal Trainer Certification and also completed the ACE Fitness Nutrition Program. She currently works as a personal trainer in Glendale, California, structuring exercise programs and building professional relationships with her clientele.

Emily has met so many amazing mentors, friends, and clients in the fitness industry. She loves helping people, and she hopes to continue to help people in their fitness journey for many years to come.

Last modified on: 08-09-2022