Advertising Policy

eMedihealth is funded through advertisements to help maintain the resources required to run the website and bring quality information to the users. However, rest assured that our editorial content and decisions are not compromised by commercial interests. Our sources of funding do not affect or influence our editorial content.

We accept relevant advertising from selected advertising networks, making sure that it is distinct from the editorial content. While featuring advertisements, we pay special attention towards keeping them separate from the editorial content, so it does not interfere with the users’ reading experience.

To be specific:

  • All advertisements and paid content featured on are labeled as “Advertisements,” “Ads,” or “Sponsored,” or other similar designations to easily identify the advertising content provided by advertisers or sponsoring parties.
  • eMedihealth clearly distinguishes between sponsored and non-sponsored content or content that is part of a Partner program. All sponsored content will be marked as such.
  • All advertising and paid content is independent of editorial decisions and does not compromise our editorial content.
  • All current or potential advertisers and sponsors cannot, or any sources of funding cannot, in any way, influence the editorial decisions.
  • eMedihealth does not endorse any product or service identified as “native” ads or paid/sponsored content provided by or on behalf of any advertising party.
  • reserves the right to determine the placement of the advertisements on the website.
  • We do not accept any advertisements related to weapons, pornography, drugs, violence, dating sites, and other similar objectionable and inappropriate sources.

Last modified on: 08-11-2022