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eMediHealth, owned and operated by Crazy Fox Creations is a rich resource of expert-reviewed health information drawn from the knowledge and experience of several practicing and certified health experts. We strive to make healthcare more accessible by serving as a wellspring of information pertaining to a broad range of maladies.


Healthy living is made easier when you have access to the word of a medical professional at the click of a finger, and eMediHealth is a step in that direction. We wish to guide our readers through their health woes, and enable them to make timely and informed decisions regarding their health and wellness.

The information we provide does not serve as an alternative to professional medical consultation, but as an auxiliary to it.


To empower you to take better control of your health so you can live a more fulfilling life. Millions of people around the world who deserve success and happiness are often held back by debilitating health conditions. Good health is your foundation to reach your full potential in any sphere of life.


Undermining your physical, mental, and emotional health keeps you from optimizing your full potential. We at eMediHealth aspire to make our readers more conscientious about their overall health and wellbeing, so that they can get a head start in life.

Our mission is to ensure that our readers have recourse to all the relevant information for tackling various health concerns in a timely, safe and appropriate manner.


Responsibility, trust, and integrity are the values that drive us. Our efforts to help you take charge of your health are not motivated by any commercial interests. We do not compromise on our editorial integrity and autonomy, and guarantee that every bit of information on our site is published in good faith. All our efforts are aimed at satisfying the reader’s interest and needs without jeopardizing their safety or health.


Authoritative health information derived from trusted and reputed medical journals and research papers.


Content authored and reviewed by a team of practicing & certified health experts covering all areas of health.


Neutral, unbiased information that you can trust to take better control of your health.


We are well attuned with the responsibility we shoulder and take it very seriously

The articles featured on our site are written by qualified medical professionals, and reviewed and edited by a dedicated team of medical and editorial experts. The information featured on our website is supplemented with the most relevant research on the topic, so you don’t have to take just our word for it. All our online publications are rooted in the principles of transparency and accountability, which is the least we can do to honor the trust vested in us by our committed readership.

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the readers remains the cardinal principle of our professional philosophy.


Welcome to eMediHealth. This website is a medium through which I wish to contribute to making healthcare and healthy living easier for all. The aim is to increase awareness about various health concerns through access to reliable, evidence-based, and expert-reviewed information.

Good health is more of a rare commodity these days, thanks to our busy lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits, food pollution, environmental pollution, ecological crisis, increasing stress, poor relationships, and so on.

There are things that are not in our hands, but there are also things that we can pay attention to in order to make better choices for our health and wellbeing. Making better lifestyle choices and having a positive outlook, for instance, is something we can always do.

In many ways, we put ourselves at risk for several health conditions just because we don’t pay heed to the risk factors and warning signs, not to mention the value of timely diagnosis and treatment.

It is my sincere wish and desire that we all start to make informed decisions in regards to our body, mind, and soul to lead a healthy and happy life.

I hope my endeavors help you to take better control of your health, and hence your life.


ceo and founder of emedihealth
Nikhil Manglik – Founder and CEO at eMediHealth

Last modified on: 30-05-2022