Lori Golden, MA, CPT, CYT, CCHT

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Lori Golden is a certified yoga and acu-yoga teacher, certified personal trainer, and certified clinical hypnotherapist with a master’s degree in holistic health education from John F. Kennedy University. Her areas of expertise include stress reduction, guided meditation, employee wellness, and yoga for older, active adults.

Lori combines her expertise in yoga, meditation, and personal training to help busy professionals and older, active adults to reduce stress, muscular tension, and pain; increase flexibility, strength, and mobility; and improve emotional wellness. She has provided wellness services for over a decade for medical organizations, such as Kaiser Permanente, Hill Physicians Medical Group, and John Muir Medical Group.

Lori was also an online wellness consultant and content specialist for Western Health Advantage. She has created articles, tip sheets, and presentations to support employee wellness in topics such as mindful eating, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and the benefits of resistance training and exercise.

Lori is currently a yoga instructor at, and she offers online workshops in meditation, self-acupressure, and yoga for mind-body wellness.

Last modified on: 13-04-2023