Jessica Vaughan, CPT

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Jessica Vaughan is a certified personal trainer and corporate wellness coordinator. She has a master’s degree in health and kinesiology and a personal training certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Jessica has been training and coaching individuals and athletes since 2015. She worked her way into commercial fitness and now resides in corporate wellness. Alongside her full-time career, Jessica also owns One-10 Training, a private training business where she remotely trains and works with individuals of all fitness levels. She has also been prepping herself and clients for bodybuilding shows, pageants, and other competitions.

Jessica believes in hard work, honesty, integrity, and commitment. She is blessed to work in the health and fitness field, not only to help others become the best they can be – physically and mentally – but also to lead by example. She shares her fitness journey and adventures on her Instagram (@the_savagejess) and Facebook (One-10 Training) accounts.

Last modified on: 21-09-2022