Clarissa Padua, RD

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Clarissa Padua is an engaging and motivational registered dietitian and a fitness trainer with over 2 years of experience in clinical nutrition and an extensive background in fitness and health education. She completed a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science with a concentration in dietetics as well as a dietetic internship from Montclair State University in New Jersey. She also obtained a CPR/AED Certification from the American Heart Association and a ServSafe Food Handler Certificate from the National Restaurant Association.

As a registered dietitian for Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, Clarissa provides medical nutrition therapy to a diverse caseload of patients with varying degrees of health risks. She facilitates end-to-end care plan management in collaboration with various interdisciplinary teams from initial intake and assessments to ongoing follow-up and reassessment.

As a personal trainer for Fairlamb Fit and NuForm Fitness Gym, Clarissa provides holistic personal training, diet education, and fitness plans to small classes and individual clients. She also actively promotes services on various social media platforms to engage with and expand her client base.

Clarissa combines her interpersonal skills with practical and clinical experience to assess patient needs, develop tailored plans, collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, and reassess patient progress toward wellness goals. She builds trusted relationships with clients, patients, and cross-functional personnel to drive improved patient outcomes.

Clarissa is also a multitalented former MMA and Muay Thai fighter and a DJ/music producer for over 10 years. She may be reached on Instagram at @cpnutrition93.

Last modified on: 10-08-2021