Rhonda Groebner, CNP

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Having worked as a nurse practitioner for over 18 years, Rhonda Groebner boasts of a diverse and well-rounded background that has given her invaluable insights into a large number of areas of practice including cardiology, acute care, geriatrics, internal medicine, operating room, and bedside nursing. She is particularly adept at working with patients suffering from cardiovascular issues, congestive heart failure (CHF), and the rare pulmonary hypertension.

Rhonda obtained her nursing degree from Mankato State University in Mankato, MN, and her master’s degree in nursing from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, WI.

Rhonda has coauthored research articles in various medical journals and has participated in multiple speaking engagements in several areas of healthcare and practice. Most notably, College of St. Catherine’s in St. Paul, MN, featured her as a guest lecturer for their nurse practitioner program. Moreover, Rhonda has developed specialty programs and leadership roles at two hospital systems in the Minneapolis area. Add to that Rhonda’s impressive intercommunication skills and her ability to work in a number of disciplines, and she has all the makings of a fully efficient and independent nurse practitioner.

Rhonda likes to unwind by playing a bit of golf and catching up with her reading. Apart from her work, she derives utmost happiness and satisfaction from spending time with her daughter and watching her grow.

Last modified on: 21-11-2022