Amit Roy, MD

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Dr. Amit Roy is a physician whose areas of practice include internal medicine, primary care, urgent care, sports medicine, and emergency medicine. He obtained his bachelor of arts degree in biology from Case Western Reserve University and his medical degree from the University of Silesia School of Medicine. He completed his residency training in internal medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.

Dr. Roy worked as an internist after his residency primarily in the urgent care setting. Through his training, he acquired extensive experience in various subspecialties, ranging from pulmonology, critical care, cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology, hematology/oncology, rheumatology, infectious diseases, neurology, gastroenterology, and physical medicine/rehabilitation.

Moreover, Dr. Roy has considerable research experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He has taken part in conducting experiments in regaining motor function of the upper extremities through various methods as well as quality improvement projects in the field of diabetes mellitus.

Currently, Dr. Roy works as a healthcare consultant, where he reviews, assesses, and organizes medical healthcare records for legal review and merit.

Last modified on: 25-09-2021