Anoushka Sinha

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Anoushka Sinha is a high-school senior with a deep interest in the biological sciences. She is a STEM enthusiast, app developer, and activist, and she loves ideating and creating new things as a social entrepreneur. She hopes to create a better and inexpensive medical care system for the people in her country, India.

Since childhood, Anoushka has always been interested to serve the community. She started volunteering with NGOs and worked on issues relating to the education of girls. She worked with United Nations Volunteers (UNV) and became the youngest radio jockey in India to raise awareness about important issues. She even did unique fundraisers and charity runs, developed an app, and started an initiative called the Roshan Bharat Initiative to provide educational resources and mediums to underprivileged children.

Anoushka has been deeply eager to learn about intercultural relations and how peace can be attained in the community. She was selected to become a delegate and panel speaker from India at the International Youth Conference and was one of the 28 students in the world who was offered a scholarship to attend the AFS Global You Intercultural Programs.

Anoushka is a youth representative of Young India Foundation and an ambassador for World Literacy Foundation. She is learning constantly new courses in science. She even interned at the Synergy Hospital to learn more about biological science. She is also the director of Inclusion Health, a service for the specially abled.

Anoushka is currently a biology scholar, and she described herself as a passionate, dedicated, and hardworking person.

Last modified on: 23-05-2024