Chia Seeds for Hair: 

Benefits and Uses

Chia seeds are high in essential amino acids and nutrients that promote hair growth, boost hair elasticity, give a natural shine to your hair, improve scalp health, and more.

Being rich in keratin, copper, and phosphorus, chia seeds make your hair strands thick and strong.

1.    Strengthens Hair

Being rich in essential amino acids and minerals, chia seeds boost hair growth, prevent thinning of hair, and fight scalp infections.

2.    Promote Hair Growth

Due to their thick, gel-like consistency, soaked chia seeds help soften and condition your hair, while also boosting elasticity.

3.    Boosts Elasticity

The high zinc content in chia seeds imparts a natural shine to your hair, improves hair texture, and protects the against environmental damage and UV exposure.

4.    Adds Shine to Tired         Tresses

Chia seeds contain essential minerals copper and iron that help fight hair loss, boost hair growth, and make your hair strong.

5.    Inhibits Thinning 

Chia seeds are packed with several nutrients that decrease hair loss and are vital for hair growth and strength.

6.    Reduces Hair Loss