Veronica Shaughnessy, MS

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Veronica Shaughnessy is an editor for articles related to gardening and horticulture. Veronica has a master’s degree in applied horticulture and horticultural business services from Purdue University with a focus on sustainability in floriculture. During her time at the university, she assisted in teaching plant propagation as well as conducted and published floriculture research.

Before that, Veronica studied horticulture production and management in great depth during her undergraduate days at the University of Illinois. It was there that her practical experience with horticulture began, as she interned at the university’s own plant care facility.

Veronica’s connection to nature and the earth is underpinned by a passion to align the needs of the environment with that of the community in a mutually beneficial way. She has been an active member of the urban farming community for over 5 years, working as a community educator, landscaper, grower, researcher, and florist. Whether it be urban farming, floral design, vegetable and ornamental gardening, or greenhouse production, every facet of horticulture intrigues Veronica as she continues to build upon her current knowledge and expertise by delving further into them.

What started as a simple form of cathartic release has now developed into a much more meaningful and overarching life mission for this horticulture enthusiast. And nothing satisfies Veronica more than sharing this therapeutic joy and her pool of horticulture knowledge with other keen nature lovers.

Last modified on: 31-12-2022