Veronica Moreno, BSA, Pn1

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Veronica Moreno is a nutrition and weight loss coach in Texas. She completed a bachelor of science and arts degree in nutrition with a specialization in sports nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin. She received a Business Foundations Program Certificate (BFP) from The University of Texas at Austin, a Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition (Pn1) from Precision Nutrition, and a ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification from the National Restaurant Association.

Veronica is currently conducting nutrition coaching, helping her clients lose weight by creating personalized meal plans and providing one-on-one support for them to accomplish their goals. She also blogs and promotes nutrition and healthy recipes on Instagram (@healthymommyatx).

Veronica is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and wants to help others to do the same. She is currently growing her career in the health and wellness industry and is constantly doing research to keep learning and growing in this field. Her goal is to use her knowledge and experience to help others obtain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Last modified on: 03-09-2022