Stephanie Cowart, RD

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Stephanie Cowart is a registered dietitian licensed in Texas. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in coordinated dietetics from Texas Christian University, where she also completed 1,200+ hours of supervised practice during her dietetic internship.

Stephanie has a passion for food, nutrition, food photography, and educating others about evidence-based nutrition concepts. She also enjoys helping others achieve a healthy relationship with food, nourish their bodies with good nutrition, and have easy access to nutritious foods.

Currently, Stephanie is a self-employed virtual dietitian and works with clients who need nutrition counseling and support. She counsels clients who have diabetes, heart disease, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and food allergies, to name a few. She also helps clients with healthy weight loss or weight management interventions.

Stephanie has a blog where she writes evidence-based food and nutrition articles, and she serves as a social media nutrition specialist for Sodexo and TCU Dining, where she develops nutritious recipes and films cooking demos for college students.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys cooking, baking, going for outdoor walks or runs, and trying out new restaurants.

Last modified on: 31-03-2022