Steph Lit, RYT

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Steph’s yoga practice began as a complement to her full-time schedule of teaching indoor cycling and boot camp classes. Her practice has carried on since 2008, and she continues to learn the benefits of consistently showing up to her mat. Today, her practice keeps her grounded, humbled, and courageous.

Steph teaches yoga because she wants everyone to experience the gift that her practice has given her: self-care. She hopes to share the benefits of yoga in order to co-create a growing and supportive community that is inclusive and caring. Her gentle (yet fierce!) approach invites all beings to move with the natural rhythm of their body and find strength by knocking down mental limitations in order to reach the goals they truly desire.

After healing her own PCOS and irregular menstrual cycle, Steph has developed a fusion between the practice of yoga and menstrual health to help women end burnout by reconnecting to their innate cycles. Known for her warmth, positivity, and ability to empower, along with her commitment to reviving women’s wisdom, Steph has led several international women’s yoga retreats, has led workshops around the world, and coaches women to establish a connection with their cyclical nature.

Steph also offers a select amount of consultations as a functional nutritionist and pelvic floor specialist in a virtual setting for women anywhere in the world who desire to heal in an empowered way. Specializing in women’s health, fertility, and cycle regulation through the use of yoga, nutrition, and pleasure, she has been revered as a leader in women’s health and an advocate in bridging the gap between natural health and Western medicine.

Steph connects with her clients and the community through her website ( and social media accounts (@stephlityoga on Facebook and Instagram).

Last modified on: 08-09-2021