Shivani Neelam, MD

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Dr. Shivani Neelam is a dentist at Dorsey Dental Labs in Bentonville, Arkansas. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery from the Kamineni Institute of Medical and Dental Sciences and a master’s degree in dental surgery with a focus on oral pathology and microbiology from the Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery and Research Institute in India. In 2016, she completed an oral pathology preceptorship at the Mehdi Nawaz Jung Institute of Oncology and Regional Center, India.

Dr. Neelam is highly experienced in providing urgent care to patients with excessive bleeding, oral infections, and trauma injuries and in conducting extractions, root canal procedures, and fluoride application. She also has experience treating pediatric children with special needs. Currently, she provides precision-guided treatment planning for her clients.

Dr. Neelam has contributed an article to the DentCare Magazine, has co-written articles published in the International Journal of Current Research, and has conducted several paper and poster presentations at various conferences. Dr. Neelam is also active in volunteer work, including conducting a dental workshop for kids for a non-profit organization in Bentonville, AR.

Dr. Neelam’s philosophy in life is to learn while she lives, and she believes in gratitude and hard work. Thus, she keeps herself abreast of the latest in the field of dentistry. Just recently, she attended a workshop on how to treat vulnerable seniors and protect staff in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Neelam is a mother to a five-year-old, and she enjoys parenting and reading books.

Last modified on: 10-08-2021