Raphaella Rose, RYT

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Raphaella Rose Chiaramonte is a licensed acupuncturist in Los Angeles, CA, and a yoga instructor at Light on Lotus Yoga. Raphie, as she is known to her friends and patients, received her master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine from the prestigious Emperor’s College of Traditional Medicine in Santa Monica, CA.

Raphie received her yoga certification in 2015 and began teaching after decades of personal practice. Raphie has cultivated her fascination with physical and emotional wellness and extensively studied multiple fields within Eastern medicine.

As a holistic healthcare professional, Raphie practices acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxa, herbal medicine, and yoga to help her clients enhance their health. Her practice focuses on pain relief, fertility issues, treating the side effects of chemotherapy, skin diseases, chronic respiratory issues, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

Before her full-time, professional devotion to Chinese medicine, Raphie worked as a fashion publicist in Los Angeles, New York, and abroad. This experience attuned Raphie to the demands of modern life and inspired her to make holistic wellness accessible to those facing the challenges of today’s lifestyles.

Raphie can be reached through her website ( and social media accounts (@raphierose and @the_acu_goddess on Instagram; Raphie Rose and The Acu Goddess on Facebook).

Last modified on: 12-08-2021