Ranvir Bhangu

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Ranvir Bhangu is a fourth-year medical student at the CMU School of Medicine in the Netherlands Antilles. He has a great devotion to and passion for changing people’s lives in terms of “health and well-being” using modern medicine concepts. Not limiting his scope of expertise around the scientific approach of medicine, Ranvir has gained profound knowledge over the years in identifying and adopting best medical practices for the ailments of the human body.

Ranvir comes from a family background of individuals with expertise, knowledge, and experience in the medical field. Being surrounded by medical professionals from a young age helped him discover his inherent passion for medicine. Particularly, being born in a small town has heightened his awareness of rural medicine. He believes that rural medicine enables medical professionals to gain lifesaving skills, which will ultimately improve the quality of life of their patients.

While completing his clinical clerkships in Chicago, Illinois, Ranvir served as an avid researcher who extensively studied publications related to his course of expertise. He aims to obtain a master’s degree in public health upon completion of his medical degree.

The impact of the global COVID-19 crisis has immensely changed the perspective and emphasized the importance and critical role of public health and medicine. It has paved the way for hospitals and medical practitioners to think innovatively in adapting to the virus and improve their ability to better assist people in delivering care. During the peak of the pandemic, Ranvir was actively involved in telemedicine. His voluntary services in the healthcare sector are ample, providing immense help to different healthcare fields in gaining further insight on the scope of practice.

In high school, Ranvir was a swimming instructor and a lifeguard and has experience in providing life support and first aid. Because of the strenuous nature of his work in the field then and now, keeping the mind at ease and focused is a fundamental part of his lifestyle. To this end, Ranvir practices meditation and routine exercise during the few hours he can spare. He considers these measures an essential aspect of work-life balance. He also enjoys weightlifting, swimming, playing golf, riding horses, hiking.

Ranvir fluently speaks English, Punjabi, and Hindi. He strongly believes that being a doctor offers the most complete and constant union of the three qualities he has instilled in his life: novelty in modern medicine and science, utility, and charity.

Last modified on: 20-07-2024