Mahesh Karandikar, MD

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Dr. Karandikar is a board-certified neurosurgeon. He graduated from the University of Washington Neurosurgery program.  After gaining extensive research and article review experience from his Ph.D. work, he now enjoys reviewing research studies in addition to engaging in clinical neurosurgery practice.


Professional Highlights

  • Locums Tenens work at St. Francis Hospital-CHI Franciscan Health, Grand Island, NE (September 2018 – Present)
  • Neurosurgeon at Mountain View Regional Hospital (March 2013 – June 2018)
  • Neurosurgery Resident, University of Washington, Greater Seattle Area (2004 – 2011)


License and Certification

  • Certified as a Neurosurgeon by the American Board of Neurological Certification


Publications and Presentations:

  • Karandikar M, Oral presentation on Posterior cervical minimally-invasive fusion using intervertebral cages, CNS Spine Summit conference February 2018.
  • Karandikar M, Mirza S, Yang T, Song K, Avellino T. Complex pediatric cervical spine surgery using smaller non-traditional screws and plates and the intraoperative CT scanner. J Neurosurg Ped 2012 June 9(6):594-601.
  • Karandikar M, Mirza S, Yang T, Song K, Avellino T. Oral presentation on Complex pediatric cervical spine surgery using smaller non-traditional screws and plates and the intraoperative CT scanner at Cervical spine society annual meeting and annual CNS meeting, 2010.
  • Karandikar M and Chestnut RM. The traction test for assessing craniocervical instability. Neurosurgery 2010.
  • Karandikar M, Yang T, Shurtleff H, Ojemann J. Functional MRI in Pediatric patients. J Neurosurg Pediatr 2010 May 5(5):500-6.
  • Browd SR, Zauberman J, Karandikar M, Ojemann JG, Avellino AM, Ellenbogen RG. A new fiber-mediated carbon dioxide laser facilitates pediatric spinal cord detethering. J Neurosurg Pediatr 2009 Sep 4(3):280-4.
  • Karandikar M, Yang T, Natarajan S, Shekhar LN, Britz G. Oral presentation on Higher initial aneurysmal occlusion rates using the 360-platinum coil: the Seattle experience at the European congress meeting in Glasgow 2007.
  • Karandikar M, McMahon J, White J, Kopitnik T, Samson D. Oral presentation on the surgical management and outcomes of parenchymal AVMs: The UT Southwestern Experience at the Neurosurgery in the Rockies Meeting in New Mexico 2002.
  • Pearson G, Robinson F, Beers-Gibson T, Xu BE, Karandikar M, Berman K, Cobb MH. Mitogen-activated Protein (MAP) kinase pathways: regulation and physiological functions. Endocrine Reviews 2001 April 22(2):153-183.
  • Karandikar M, Xu S, Cobb MH. MEKK1 binds Raf-1 and the ERK-2 cascade components. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2000 December 22; 275(51):40120-7.
  • Karandikar M and Cobb MH. Scaffolding and protein interactions in MAP kinase modules. Cell Calcium 1999 November 26(5):219-226.
  • English J Pearson, Wilsbacher J, Swantek J, Karandikar M, Xu S, Cobb MH. New insights into the control of MAP kinase pathways. Experimental cell research 1999 November 25; 253(1):255-270.
  • Krenger W, Cooke KR, Crawford JM, Sonis ST, Simmons R, Pan L, Delmonte J Jr., Karandikar M, Ferrara JL. Transplantation of polarized type-2 donor T cells reduces mortality caused by experimental graft versus host disease. Transplantation 1996 November 15; 62(9):1278-1285.
  • Pan L, Bressler S, Cooke KR, Krenger W, Karandikar M, Ferrara JL. Long-term engraftment, graft versus host disease, and immunologic reconstitution after experimental transplantation of allogeneic peripheral blood cells from G-CSF-treated donors. Biology of blood and marrow transplantation 1996 October 2(3):126-133.
  • Falzarano G, Krenger W, Snyder KM, Delmonte J Jr., Karandikar M, Ferrara JL. Suppression of B-cell proliferation to lipopolysaccharide is mediated through the induction of nitrous oxide pathway by tumor necrosis factor-alpha in mice with acute graft versus host disease. Blood April 1; 87(7):2853-2860.



  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Brandeis University
  • Received the Bialer Prize in Chemistry as well as Doris Cohen Award at Brandeis University
  • Won the Biophysics Research Prize at UT Southwestern Medical School
  • Member of the Sigma Xi National Honor Society



  • Spine fellowship, John Hopkins University Hospital
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
  • MD/Ph.D. Medicine/Biophysics UT Southwestern Medical School
  • Research Assistant, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Bachelor of Arts, Brandeis University
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