Kristina Robles, RD, MPH

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Kristina Robles is a registered dietitian based in Lubbock, Texas, with over 15 years of experience in the nutrition field. She has a passion for helping other people live a healthier and happier life through good nutrition and physical activity. She is currently serving as a retail dietitian for HEB and provides personalized medical nutrition therapy to a variety of patients. She also shares healthy recipes and nutrition information on her Instagram @foodfluencerd.

Originally from California, Kristina worked as a weight-loss consultant at Jenny Craig while going to school for her bachelor’s degree in nutrition at California State University, San Bernardino. Upon graduating, she was accepted into a dietetic internship program at Patton State Hospital, where she grew to love helping patients on psychotropic medications with negative metabolic side effects lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle. After completing her internship, she accepted a position as a dietitian at Patton State Hospital. There she worked with a multidisciplinary team of dietitians, psychologists, social workers, rehab therapists, and doctors, where they developed a long-term weight management program for psychiatric patients.

In 2012, Kristina obtained her master’s degree in public health. She accepted a position as Assistant Director of Nutrition at Kaiser Permanente, where she oversaw the food service operation in a 200-bed hospital, in addition to overseeing the clinical dietitians. During her time there, she helped implement hospital room service and menu and recipe development. Kristina also served on the diabetes and malnutrition committees at the hospital.

Kristina devotes most of her time to her husband and daughters: Ava (5.5 years) and twin girls Brynlee and Chloe (4 years). She is also a former yoga instructor and enjoys practicing yoga at the local studios in Lubbock.

Last modified on: 11-04-2022