Kathleen Kastner, MS

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Kathleen Kastner is a yoga teacher, vegan coach, and vegan cooking instructor who has been working in the wellness field for 30 years. She has a master’s degree in exercise physiology and a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Kathleen has been vegan since 2002 and loves sharing the benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet to help people improve their health and lose weight as well as to save animals and the planet. She’s certified in plant-based nutrition and hosts a vegan cooking show on YouTube called Vegan Vitality.

Kathleen has been teaching ashtanga and vinyasa yoga since 1997. She was a yoga studio owner in Kansas City for 16 years. She currently teaches at The Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA, and conducts yoga retreats in Costa Rica. She is the author of Yoga’s Path to Weight Loss: A Mind Body Spirit Guide to Loving Yourself Lean and The Cheerleader Speaks: What God Taught Me About Men and Myself

Kathleen lives in Encinitas, CA, with her husband and two rescue cats, Oliver and Noah.

Last modified on: 24-08-2021