Kanwar Gill, MD

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Dr. Kanwar Gill is working as a staff gastroenterologist at John Muir Health in Walnut Creek California. He finished his gastroenterology training at Mayo Clinic and has been involved with clinical research and has over 30 publications in peer review journals. He also has been involved with the CME section for the American Journal of Gastroenterology and also been a reviewer for many other Gastroenterology Journals.

He has worked as the Chair of the gastroenterology department at Memorial Medical Center, Modesto California. He is currently serving as a national advisory committee for EPIC the most commonly used EMR system. He has been working on advancing telemedicine in this era of COVID 19 to encourage patient safety.


Professional Highlights

  • Staff Gastroenterologist, Department of Gastroenterology, Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, Modesto, CA.
  • Instructor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
  • Chair, Department of Gastroenterology, Memorial Medical Center, Modesto, CA
  • Member, Gastroenterology Specialty Steering Board EPIC (12 members national advisory board for EPIC)



  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified in Gastroenterology



  • Specialist of the Year, John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek (2017)
  • Star Award, Commitment to Excellence, Sutter Gould Medical Foundation (2010)



  • Clinical Research Award from the American College of Gastroenterology for the research project entitled “Minimally Invasive Detection of Lymphatic Micrometastasis in Pancreatic Cancer



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  • Buchner AM, Shahid MW, Heckman MG, McNeil RB, Cleveland P, Gill KR, Schore A, Ghabril M, Raimondo M, Gross SA, Wallace MB. High-definition colonoscopy detects colorectal polyps at a higher rate than standard white-light colonoscopy. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. 2010 Apr; 8(4):364-70. Epub 2009 Nov 22.


Book Chapters

  • Gill KR, Woodward TA. Esophageal Cancer: Role of Endoscopic Ultrasound. For the book ‘Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis. Published December 2008.
  • Stone RL, Gill KR, Scolapio JS. Unintentional weight loss. For the book Practical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Volume Two



  • Fellowship in Gastroenterology from Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
  • Residency in Internal Medicine from California Pacific Medical, San Francisco, CA
  • Internship in Internal Medicine at California Pacific Medical, San Francisco, CA
  • Research Scholar, Department of Neuroradiology at University of California, San Francisco, CA
  • Internship in General Internal medicine and Surgery, Medical College Amritsar, Amritsar, India
  • B.B.S/M.D (Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery) from Medical College Amritsar, Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Punjab, India
  • General Certificate of Secondary Education, Biology Branch, Khalsa College Amritsar, Amritsar, India
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