Kalyani Perumal, MD

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Dr. Kalyani Perumal is a board-certified internist and nephrologist with more than 20 years of practice in both acute inpatient care and ambulatory outpatient setting. She is a highly motivated and goal-oriented physician-administrator with extensive experience in planning and implementing new clinical programs to provide easy access to services for patients in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Aside from a medical degree with a specialization in internal medicine and nephrology, Dr. Perumal also obtained a master’s degree in clinical and translational medicine from the University of Illinois. Her range of expertise encompasses the whole gamut of renal diseases, and she has even managed critically-ill patients in intensive care units including transplant wards.

Moreover, Dr. Perumal has spearheaded the development of new dialysis programs and quality improvement projects to raise the standard of care and meet all regulatory requirements in dialysis services. She has constantly endeavored to improve the cost-effective utilization of resources in hospital and ambulatory care settings while administering the highest standard of patient care.

Dr. Perumal has also served as a mentor for residents in medicine residency programs and participated in various educational programs.

Last modified on: 01-02-2023