Jonathan Valdez, RDN, ACE-CPTN, ACE-CPT

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Jonathan is a telehealth registered dietitian nutritionist based in New York City. His clinical experience is primarily with the elderly population, but he also holds certifications for personal training, with specializations in gerontological nutrition, sports nutrition, diabetes, lactation, weight loss, and case management. He is the owner and founder of Genki Nutrition, a health and wellness company with a mission “to provide accessible, understandable, and high-quality wellness knowledge that will empower a positive lifestyle.”

Jonathan completed his bachelor’s degree in food science and human nutrition at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. He pursued a master’s degree in business administration from Brennan School of Business at Dominican University in Chicago, Illinois. Presently, he is studying to become a certified diabetes educator.

Jonathan’s passion for nutrition began in Hawaii, where he grew up in a diverse culture surrounded by the Spirit of Aloha. When his grandmother suffered from type 2 diabetes, he didn’t realize how diet and exercise played a role in both prevention and disease management. After understanding how food and exercise are tied together, he set his journey to becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist. The problem he found was access to a high-quality healthy partner who changes the behaviors of the public.

Jonathan has been named Top Pro by Diet Spotlight from 2017-2018. He has also been awarded the “Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year” twice from 2012–2013 in Hawaii and 2013–2014 in Illinois.

Last modified on: 29-08-2022