Cindy Moustafa, CNS, MS

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Cindy Moustafa worked in advertising and marketing for a few years after graduating from the State University of New York Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY FIT). However, when her father fell ill with several gastrointestinal (GI) complications, she took great interest in learning about the GI system and nutrition and decided to leave that field to become a nutritionist.

While in the graduate program, she had the opportunity to have several mentors, including some amazing doctors and nutritionists. Her first experience in nutrition was in 2010, working at an integrative center for children with autism, ADHD, ADD, and other disorders. She worked under a nutritionist and eventually helped her to put together an after-school nutrition and fitness program for children ages 6–11. She went on to teach the nutrition and fitness classes, including cooking demonstrations with children.

In 2012, Cindy started seeing patients part-time and specialized in weight loss since she is also a fitness instructor. Eventually, she began treating more difficult patients including those with food allergies, GI disorders, autoimmune diseases, etc., after a successful internship with a successful functional nutrition center in Hoboken. In 2013, she served as a research assistant with the LOOK AHEAD study, the longest diabetes research study aimed at answering whether exercise and nutrition intervention could prevent the incidence of heart disease and other complications of diabetes.

After successfully completing her internships and required experience, Cindy passed the exam and requirements to become a board-certified nutrition specialist and started seeing patients full-time in Brooklyn, NY, at her private practice named Forever F.I.T., which meant to keep patients healthy through all stages of their lives.

In 2014, she joined Metagenics as a nutrition consultant/sales manager but continues to see her patients part-time. She educates doctors on nutritional interventions for common diseases and disorders, such as diabetes, and often gives nutrition master courses to rooms of practitioners with evidence-based approaches that might be a first step before medication. It’s her passion to have doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and other practitioners be educated on research that supports the idea that they may be able to manage and treat some patients with nutrition.

Cindy’s other certifications include mastering the thyroid, metabolic detoxification, first-line therapy, functional endocrine therapy, and health coach certification with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

In her own practice, Cindy treats patients as individuals and never takes a cookie-cutter approach because everyone responds differently to education and nutrition. She considers the stress, family, home-life, work-life balance, and other aspects of her patient’s life when planning a nutrition plan. She thrives to educate every person that she encounters in her work because she truly believes that’s what’s lacking in the current health system. She has contributed articles to several different publications about various health and diet topics.

Cindy is happily married to her wonderful husband, Nunzio, and they have an amazing 2-year-old named Luca, who keeps them on their toes every day! He is, of course, a very healthy eater!

Last modified on: 03-01-2023