Beth G. Goldstein, MD

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Dr. Beth G. Goldstein is a dermatologist serving Sanford, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC. She focuses on treating skin cancers and puts a major emphasis on providing the best experience and outcome possible for her patients.

Dr. Goldstein has more than 21 years of experience in dermatology and has developed a focus on surgical dermatology. She is passionate about educating her patients on the prevention of skin cancer, especially about avoiding sun damage to their skin. She also stresses the importance of early detection when treatment is much more effective and less disfiguring.

When Dr. Goldstein moved to Chapel Hill as a dermatologist more than 20 years ago, she knew that treating skin cancer was one of the most gratifying aspects of her practice. For many years, she pursued learning more surgical skills and getting training in Mohs surgery, which is one of the most effective techniques available for treating skin cancers. Since 2008, she has been performing this technique in a quiet, comfortable setting.

While her focus is now primarily surgical, Dr. Goldstein is still involved in treating dermatology patients of all ages and diagnoses as a supervising physician of excellent physician assistants.

Last modified on: 25-09-2021