Arshya Ahouraei, RDN

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Arshya Ahouraei is a registered dietitian nutritionist. She has a bachelor’s degree in foods and nutrition and a master’s degree in nutritional science from San Diego State University (SDSU). She then completed her dietetic internship at Utah State University.

As a clinical dietitian, Arshya enjoys working in long-term and post-acute care outpatient settings where she can interact with patients longer. Her experience as a clinical dietitian has enabled her to practically counsel patients about the need for altering their diet plans to achieve optimum health.

Arshya also loves combining her interests in healthy eating and lifestyle change with a career in which she can help others to lead a healthier lifestyle based on dietary habit modifications. To fulfill her passion, she transitioned from a full-time job to a part-time one. This move allowed her to recently join an international fitness group as a registered dietitian and to interact with patients and clients not only locally but also worldwide.

Arshya wanted to play a role in combating society’s health problems on a bigger scale. She is excited to be in the field where she can educate people about the importance of food and lifestyle choices on their quality of life.

Outside of work, Arshya enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends, and learning a new language.

Last modified on: 08-09-2022