Dr. Arif Maghribi Khan, MBBS, MD

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Dr. Arif Maghribi Khan is a medical doctor working in the field of general health with 18 years of working experience. He is also a successful team leader, covering stigma-related health issues such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, and mental health. He attributes his success to his love for his team in all organizations and departments and the love that they reciprocate.

Dr. Khan served as the state lead of the Joint Effort for Elimination of Tuberculosis (JEET) in Jammu and Kashmir in India, which is a project by the Centre for Health Research and Innovation. He worked with government institutions and the private sector, including hospitals, polyclinics, nursing homes, private clinics, diagnostic centers, and chemists, and successfully increased notifications of the disease from the private sector, awareness programs about TB, and patient visits at home. He also taught as a tutor to eight batches of students pursuing studies at the University of Kashmir.

Presently, Dr. Khan is a senior medical health officer at the Sehar Welfare Trust, working on increasing awareness of COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, TB, and diabetes and bringing all stakeholders together in the prevention of these diseases.

Dr. Khan believes in the holistic approach to healing and has been trying to achieve it with his work. He writes frequently for newspapers in a manner that people can easily understand, covering health topics such as tuberculosis, diabetes, noncommunicable diseases, children’s rights, infertility, mental health, women’s rights, and advocacy for the downtrodden.

Last modified on: 24-07-2023
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