Annette Szproch

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Annette Szproch is a licensed massage therapist and a yoga instructor teaching different forms of yoga through in-home private lessons and studio classes as well as special events. She is the owner of Radiant Self Yoga + Bodywork. She completed the Massage and Bodywork Program of the Institute of Therapeutic Massage in Haskell, NJ, and the 200-hour Yoga Chakra Flow Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training of Ananta Yoga Studio in Wayne, NJ.

Annette strives to help her students master the art of being comfortable with the uncomfortable through pranayama and asana. She has shone the light of yoga and meditation on people of all ages, from children to the elderly, as she believes everyone has something to gain from it.

The mat has always been a place for Annette to accept, love, and grow into who she is. As a teacher, she gives her students the same tools to find their inner strength to deal with every curveball that life throws at them while retaining their childlike sense of wonder, positivity, and playfulness. She works within her community to help others realize their potential and empowers them to cope with and heal from the harsh truths of life.

Annette feels a sense of community with other yoga seekers and enthusiasts and connects with them on a deeper level by learning from their experiences as well as sharing her journey as a yoga student.

Last modified on: 21-10-2022